Bubble Popping with Emotion

  • Peer into the hilarious lives of pixel people
  • Pop emojis to see new messages
  • Perfect for the secret drama voyeur in all of us
  • Submit your own funny texts!

Welcome to a tiny pixel world, where huge drama is going on in the phone of every person!

Type the correct emoji to unlock new messages, and read along their secret messages. Find out more about nail-biting stories such as what Dan would do if you broke up with him!

We want to make you laugh!


Clicker Game with Real-time Vote

  • Tap to gain fans
  • Funny campaigns
  • Real-time tally
  • Politics can be fu

We know what you care about!

Light-hearted clicker game for HK people to support their favorite candidates for the next chief executive in the city. In-game votes are tallied on a server, and can be viewed in real-time. Funny campaigns to increase clicking power, from taking selfies with fans to building public housing on Mars.


Play the multiple award winning, wackiest Match-3 ever! Collect and raise hundreds of Gemlings to take down enemies that hate color, and restore the rainbow to the world! Meet and befriend odd characters, and hone your puzzle solving skills in the Ultimate Match-3 RPG!

Classic Match-3 with Unique Twist

  • Match & Catch
  • Collect and raise 100+ pets
  • Story mode with side quests
  • Easy to pick up, surprisingly in-depth

Start your "tail" today!


The Spookiest Tower Defence ever

  • Get you into the Halloween spirit
  • Warm sense of humour
  • All things spooky
  • Aim for maximum screaming

Cheery little Halloween Special for everyone!

It's Halloween, and all the neighbourhood kids are coming to steal your candy! As resident of a real haunted house, you have all the tools at your disposal to scare them away. Place all kinds of creepy things in front of your house to stop those pesky kids from reaching your door!

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